We are officially a Wix Pro Designer!

We are so excited to become one of Wix’s Pro Designers!  It’s a great way to showcase our skills to a larger audience. Potential clients would have the ability to compare our web designs side by side and choose which one better suits their needs. We also offer full customization which allows our clients to have a hand on the design process of their website from the ground up.

You can now find us in the Wix Pro Directory by searching for gcwebdesign or you can access our portfolio directly at http://arena.wix.com/gcwebdesign.

For print and graphic design inquiries, please contact us via email at info@gc-webdesign.com or give us a call at (619) 940-6388.

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Our Latest Web Design

Just finished working on our latest web design and we’re quite excited about it because it’s a pet hotel website :) Here’s a preview:




So, what do you think?? Thanks for checking it out! :)

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Happy Wednesday morning folks! This is our very first blog  so it’s going to be short and sweet since we are still in the process of updating our website.  We are still working on new designs for websites, logos, and greeting cards. By the way, we now have a Facebook Page so if you happen to be browsing within Facebook, please don’t forget to check us out -> geekChic Web, Print and Graphic Design and become our fan! Thanks in advance!

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